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AGA Tutorial

Are you getting the most from your AGA?

This is not a cooking demonstration but a relaxed and informative tour of your Aga.   

I will teach you how to utilise each cooking area of your AGA to get the best results.    

The tutorial provides:

  • A brief history of the AGA.
  • Advice on what to cook where on your AGA.
  • Tips and advice on cookware & utensils.
  • A range of basic recipes to help you to get you underway.
  • General cleaning tips.
  • Ask as many questions as you like - it's your tutorial. No question is silly, we all have to learn and gain in experience and confidence. 
  • Enjoy your cooking experience.


Does the tutorial involve any cooking?
No it is a talk and walk through how to get the best from your cooker. I explain what cooks best in each area of the cooker.
How long does it last?
Difficult to say as everyone's needs are unique. The average tutorial lasts around 2 hours.